About the Author

I am a Project Manager by profession, and a fun-seeker by choice! I spend much of my spare time just finding ways to entertain myself. Sometimes that includes researching new topics online for a particular hobby, or maybe binge watching a new favorite TV show!

One of my larger hobbies is gaming. Not necessarily video gaming, although I still fire up a video game now and then. I used to play MMOs but I always found them to be too much of a time sink/commitment and it really sucked the fun out of them for me. So I try to stick to games where I can play them for a short period, still accomplish something, and then turn it off. I dabble in Magic: The Gathering every so often. And every two months a few of my friends and I get together for a gaming weekend. Friday nights we will play some board games (such as Pandemic or Small World) or card games (Gloom, MTG, Cards Against Humanity, etc). On Saturday we play either D&D (Dungeons and Dragons 5e), Shadowrun, or Cthulhu. I am the DM for one of the D&D campaigns we play, and two other friends run another D&D campaign and a Shadowrun campaign. I find it nice to switch between DM and player so it keeps things fresh!

Outside of gaming I also enjoy playing American Baseball Darts. I am in one competitive league, and one fun in-house league (with maybe another starting soon). I’m not a great shooter, but I’ve recently started practicing at home more and hopefully can get that average to climb up! That’s the only sport I really play these days. I used to be a pretty good bowler (210 average) and I play horseshoes whenever a friend gets a game going.

Another hobby you might see pop up here now and then, though probably not too often, is photography. I just find it relaxing sometimes, especially when I can combine it with another hobby like geocaching. You can find most of my photos on Flickr. While I’m talking about social media, you can also find me on Google+ (though I don’t use it too much to post, it’s more for viewing photographers) and on Twitter (which again, I’m not very active on there as far as tweeting myself) and most recently have signed up on Instagram.

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